Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer's Swell

The heat is finally hitting and with it lots of new growth and projects.

In an abandoned and ugly part of the backyard i cleared it out and did an experimental Earthbag bend. Took a yard of dirt and some sandbags and barb wire, but after a few hours it was functional.

Then on a whole nother day a few of us got together and stomped out some cobb to layer of the Earthbags. This went very well and quick with just a little bit of hay and sand and a quarter-yard of dirt, it was all covered. Although it dried slowly it still cracked all over. Maybe mix it differently next time. BUt the book Urban Homesteading was very useful in advising how to make cobb overall.

And the first litter of Fryers were born last week. They looked like strange little aliens bundled up in their mom's belly fuzz.

BUt a week later they grew quick and now look just like miniature rabbits. Its great to see Munchy the mom take care and raise the babies without any human interference.

OTherwise, all is moving along and BillyBob the transvestite turkey lady laid her first egg.

It was very exciting to find it in the corner hid away. Bojangles, the Tomboy, is making so much noise these days and getting old that he will be dinner soon, and far before Thanksgiving. But i was hoping for a few fertile eggs before then since he's been mounting BillyBob regularly but then i found out that most domesticated male turkeys cannot properly mate since their breasts are too large! Haha! What a sad and ironic situation that we've bread these wild turkeys specifically for thier breast meet and now not only are they domestic and inadequate as a species for survival, but they also cannot have sex because their boy-breasts are in the way. I was always making fun of the turkeys and the cross-genderism but turns out its not far off.
So the egg i found today we will eat and all the rest too since Bojangles will try and try but never be able to inseminate our lady Turkey since his breasts are interfering with his ability to mount her.

ANother cool topic is that i think there is a crossbreeding of White and Red Quinoa in my garden, which has made a Pink Quionoa! Any ideas people? I will talk with the Luther Burbank Home and Garden Center for advice, since that old Geezer was the one to introduce QUinoa to NOrth America from PEru, i believe.

ANd lastly, a new pickling of Saurkraut is stuffed away and heading towards a zesty and tasty future.
And a finished batch Kim-Chee was out of this world. Garlic, ginger, peppers, mustard seed, cumin seeds and lots of veggies! Wow, and it only took a week!

Okee Dokee,

peace, love, and burritos,
The Gardener