Monday, March 2, 2015

Marching Along

"Hullo folks", just a brief update from the land here. We're all cozy and settled in. Still some unpacking, reorganizing, and shuffling about in general. But as of this last week there's 3 new pomegranites in the orchard, a lemon, two limes, a mullberry, pineapple guava, tea and yerba mate plant, peruvuan nasturium, and three varieties of figs!

Next step is build myself a Drafting (art) Shack and get a springtime garden going.

Overall its heaven on earth! Waking up i hear different creatures every day. Wild turkeys wandering around Gus, red shouldered hawks, ravens, american robins, deer, coyotese almost every night (a very haunting but attractive howl they do!), and the subtle sound of winds passing through the branches of a huge madrone hovering above my home.

My mom and i have defined and maintained at least 7 trails now, and yesterday we found a glass soda bottle almost 100 years old!!! Its call Big Indian Chief. Other discoveres are old horse shoes, pulleys, glass insulators for electricity, and beer bottles. I will put up some pics of those once we clean them all off this week.

Well, jolly jello and ciao for now.

Soupy Twist!