Thursday, February 27, 2014

Say, "Kim Cheeeese"!

(and Jicima)

All good Kim Chi starts with quality cabbage and to get what you want in life sometimes you need to caput it. . . as in decapitate the cabbage's head from its rooty body with violent force. Aka the caput, thus the origins of  our word cabbage ["cab-poo-tege"].

 Chopped up, sprinkle with salt, and massaged.

 Wait a few hours for the veggies to "sweat" out their own juices into a nice self-initiating broth - then into the crock-pot it goes!

10 days later, when it tastes selfishly favorable, we have a final product made by billions of beneficial microbiotic lifeformes fermented upon the death  -"caput'ing" - of the veggies.

Now we're cuput, capiche?