Thursday, July 30, 2015

I’ve Found Jesus! (at a yard sale)

Yes, the Lord’s subtle blessings are expounded in the most peculiar forms - like running water churned through the faculties of a wooden wheel’s centrifugal force yielding the blissful nectar of electricity which chills the booch’; which iced the beer; that preserves the glorious greens, fruits, and all divinely lacto-fermented foods.

In other words: i have running water and refrigeration now.

Praise Jah, Jehova, Allah and of course Jello!

After 6 months of carrying two 5-gallon buckets for my agriculture needs (bird baths, chia plants, sunflowers, ect...) and walking milk crates full of glass jars for personal drinking water, shucks, the holy glory of instantly replenishable H2O is at hand! It just took a little PVC pipe fixing as you can see here from the seven or so various holes dug to determine the one and only leaking spot.

A guessing game that paid off – eventually.

Further new developments are as such: the blackberries are in full swing and so is mom.

Next we just need to get Ross swing dancin’ to the “Foxtrot Zip-Zoot Doo-Dah” and we’ll’all be in proper coordinated cadence here at Sounder.

So with the longest day passed this year (summer solstice), two blue moons upon us (july 2nd and july 31st), a big summer Pleiades  meteor shower only weeks away, and Venus was at its brightest July 8th and recently conjucted with Jupiter - i think all is well with the cosmos. A most copacetic order permeates this imperfect world.

And with running water and re-frigeration (is that like re-fried beans? If so, when was it frigerated before it started refrigerating again?) . . . i am wholly accommodated with my commodities and caught up with common necessities. And i feel as satisfied as the dickens! Fully fulfilled as the faithful followers of Lord Leto of Dune itself. They, whome seek communion with the Omnipotently Obfuscatory & Omnipresent solar sound emanating a perpetual “Om”; and i, a worshiper of the evasive electrical cooling units which provide temporary answers to my chilling needs.

And while religions is answers than cannot be questioned, and philosophy is questions that cannot be answered - i would point out that some questions don’t deserve answers. For example, “how has science become the new religion?” No need to answer.

Yet, while there are endless theological promises given in the flesh, they go unpaid, even in death - like an expired warranty after the mice chew through the electrical lines. I was taught to believe in the everlasting reliability of my appliances. Yet just as i embrace the prophetic brochures promises that came along with the unit from far off machine-making central headquarters (yet have no clue how the gadget itself actually operates) - so too does every follower of the mysterious Grand Narrative unabashedly accept the gift given to them from the big Book, hook, or crook.

And you know i’ve stood there, and had this same conversation with my fridge only to get no response - which i take as a silent note of denial towards my opinions and utter non-compliance to such radical viewpoints.

There are many great discoveries in Science but they all end up in boxes, like my silicon ice-cube tray which is in the freezer. Designed as a square, packed in tight, and stored away. rarely reconsidered or modified. Its taboo to question the Laws of Physics. Or, to wonder why Gravity’s force is not constant. Just change the rules and carry on. make new boxes and add it to the Smithsonian’s cryptic library. Separated and compartmentalized realities - never tied together like the thread that does seem to weave each proton to each other and ultimately to the fabric the Dogon tribe of Mali symbolically call the woven nature of the universe. (“Akashic Cosmographies”, anyone?)

(Sidenote: what are these little red bugs i found under a log? And do you have the same strange desire to eat them all up, like a cherry flavored candy?!)

The Empirical Empire pervades the physical world, but not the immaterial whirl wind that signifies the unknown. Lame-stream Science’s amazing new discoveries reveal that weak handshakes lead to a short lived life, that dogs poop to magnetic north/south, how to design vehicles with alarm systems using built in flame throwers, and the amazing Korean invention of the self-perfuming business suit.

. . . . wow. . . 

But what about all creatures emitting biophotons which allow our DNA to both receive and transmit data in the form of light? HeartMath Institute of California has plenty to say about the heart as more of a electromagnetic force in our bodies than the brain itself.
And what about light, that baffling little diddy that often comes flying out of black holes at velocities faster than the speed of light! Paradox or reality?  Just like entangled protons: everywhere instantly. When will the esoteric science come out of the box and out of the closet?

For a seriously fun subject to to explore casually or ponder very seriously, I highly encourage everyone to scan through Maxwell Igan’s Earth’s Forbidden History:

It deals with a subject i call I-JA’s (Indian Jones Artifacts) or “OOP-Arts” as others may reference.

(i'm picking blackberries in this photo. Can you find Waldo?)

Paradoxical reality. Very enticing, quite promising, slightly rewarding, but ultimately a material investment which does not last. Gotta go deeper into things to find real lasting value. Whether spiritually or with electronic appliances.

And that is exactly why i’m getting deeper underground by digging down and building a small experimental root-cellar. Thus, i do not need to have faith in the miraculous magic of electricity or eternal reliability of the product bought or promise-land sought. instead i can just rely on the dirt’s depth and constant temperature of 56 degrees. Reliable, reassuring, resplendently real. Not neurotic, novel, erratic, or stagnatingly static. I’m reeling in the real-times here.

Nevertheless, iconic astro-theological figures are hard to avoid and i did in fact find Jesus – and he was at a yard sale of sorts. Tall, proud, looking like my bearded brother - the shepherd of all well tanned, beach lounging, peach-fuzz – and smiting the ass wherever he go’eth. Big Wave Dave, some call him. So heed the “hara” (belly). And heel to no conventional wisdom. Do as i do. And don’t listen to me. I don’t and it works great.

Instead, keep digging deep for real truth. And if you are a honest seeker of novelty; and a authentic searcher for quality; a neophytic quester whome happens upon a garage sale on the right day - you will be digging down into that pile of common commercial shit and find . . . .

.... Barney, the Purple Dinosaur. Or any form your Personal Jesus comes in. . .  even the Depech Mode variety.

Lastly, i have shocking news for everybody . . . . Buckaroo was Jesus’s real Father.

Not Santa
Not Darth
Not even, g-g-g-g-g-God itself.


I’m selling T-Shirts of you want one.

And for all who’ve read thus far and still respectfully rerserve the right to call me crazy, well tomorrow its estimated to be 106 degrees here, and only a crazy fellow would wear clothes in such heat.

The proof is in the figgy-pudding....