Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Here's the Clover-crew, hiking the newest of 6-bridges along a grassy hillside before the rain returns.

The smallest newt discovered at Sounder

(one of the new bridges)

During the last few days there's been a pronouncement by nature of the season to come: budding, blossoming, beauties abound! Here’s a handful of proud and prominent species i picked which are not just attractive, but important. (if you want to not guess what they are, read the names backwards)

And while the weather is fair, i like to split my work not only between manual labor and art, but indoor drawing and outdoor too (like a true nomad i set-up on the hood of the truck)

Back to work and back to the trails, the best of the outdoors!

Jolly-O, that's all for now. 
May the Totoro be with you all!