Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Denmark - Sweden - New York : the final week

      The small things matter. And sometimes they are so small that we can't easily find them. Like when you're walking down the street and find a shiny coin, then realizing its glued to the sidewalk so its a fake, yet it IS really real, but its just not “free-real” for you to take, so its not worth it.
      Still, it was fun trying to pick it up, and you do it second time just to make sure it really was stuck there. . . then before leaving, you give it a final kick - just in case.

The Copenhagen adventure goes like this - 

(hippo eats child)

(lion devours dragon symbolically in main plaza)

(white dude tries to consume passerby-er with giant hand)

(man eats own hand whilst thinking too long about the meaning of life and pyramids)
((A new Guinness Book of World Record for fastest fist ever feasted upon by over-fretful and well forged figurine))

(this Chicken mushroom was an exceptionally tasty dinner. Found it in the Botanical Garden)

     Now with that visually said and done, here’s the Top 10 Reasons why the next city I visited (Göteborg) is fucking mathematically awesome!

#1. You can walk across it in a day, multiple time, and want to do it again tomorrow.

#2. Each step taken is probably on a cobbled road or sidewalks - very chíc

#3. There’s tourists here. But no tourist traps or panhandlers

#4. Seagulls - they're really fun birds. . .

#5. Its off the radar. There's no hustle or bustle but still somehow, it's very hip

#6. Sunny - yet brisk weathered (a perfect Zen forecast from Yogi the Bear)

#7. LITTLE DRAGON fucking rocks the socks off this town!

#8. It's "churchy" - but not too churchy. You know? The right balance of indoctrination.

#9. There's crosswalks and crosslights, but the local pedetrians don’t use them.
. . . . . . . AND. . . . .

#10.  It's all about the viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiibe,  man.
      Overall it feels good. Göteborg (aka: Gothenburg) is a well designed city with dolphin-flippin fresh air, attractive architecture, a castle named “Gullbergs”, and overall it's a CITY but never seems like one. As if  Göteborg’s mom cheated on his dad with a SMALL TOWN so Gothenberg grew up never knowing who his real father was and thinking he was a big city-boy.

      And when i asked a local where i could get a good dinner, he told me where i could - and i went there, and i ate it, and i was impressed. Simple. Honest. Delicious.

     But coming full circle, reason #0. would be its pricey. Cause it's Sweden. Cause they’re advanced socialist human beings and according to The Economist the Nordic countries are probably the best governed in the world and Sweden ranks first atop them all.

      So after wandering around Gothenburg for a few hours i stopped next to a grocery to relax and people watch.
      After a while i realized its a nice area of the city because its a family neighborhood. Sooooo many baby strollers! Dad’s pushin, mom’s pushin, BABYs pushin the other baby in stroller, (no, just kidding), but DOG pushing - i mean - pulling stroller?!
      Anyways, then i saw a look-alike of the drummer from the electro-funk band LITTLE DRAGON: the balding comb-over with a long red crazy irish sailor’s beard. I was going to say “cool look man” but he was gone by the time my mind decided that.
       Later that day i remembered how Little Dragon is from Sweden, so i looked them up to see what’s new. Nothing. No tours, so shows, no public statements - nothing. However, here’s the catch: they are all from Gogthenburg. . .
       “Duuuuuude!” (i said to myself) “you didn’t see a look alike. . . you saw the REAL ONE”.

                   THE CROWD GOES WILD!!!

                                      (in my head)

                                             Like i said, its the small things in life that count.

(flying to New York)

Between New York and New Jersey, there was plenty to do.

Between old friends and perfect weather, the odds were on my side.

Between the MET and Brooklyn Museum, there was fun Recycled-Metal modern art and strange dick-in-butt-ear-and-face Egyptian figurines: 

This stuff is made of only old bottle caps, the foil coats around wine bottle necks, and twist-ties. . .

       After chowing down on some Stromboli, beer, and a game of Ultimate Frisbee, I watched Love's Labour's Lost - Shakespeare in the Park. Musicals have never been so fun and enjoyable!

        A fun sidenote is that seated next to me during the play was R.L. Stein (Goosebumps author). We chatted and shared our appreciation of Issac Assimov's prolific writing skill and publishing record.

        Then, WHAMO!, the adventure was over and i flew back to the west coast. . .

Where the sun still shines,
the people are just fine,
and the food is competitively divine,

it's been real,