Thursday, January 21, 2016

Walking, Drawing, and Building Bridges

This last 8 days have been a resplendent variety of indoors and outdoors. From walking the roads to check that the ditches drain properly during the heavy rains, to drawing indoors. A perfect balance.

Plus, it feels great to get the hand-saw out and fell some sapplings and builds 4 new bridges. 

 Tall, sprite, and straight lumber.

Setting them in place (and dropping my phone in the creek afterwards)

Here's a second smaller bridge for crossing the lower creek. I'm no Daniel Boone, but this thing works!

And there's always fungi hiding out, and crying out: "fry me in faaaaaaat!"

 Jumping contest between Gus and i.

An overgrown birdhous. . . 

Ciao for now folks,
May the Totoro be with you!

Thursday, January 14, 2016


The wild, the weird, and the . . . well . . . delicious
Fungi: its what's for dinner.

 (This is a Black Fluted Elfin Saddle - exquisite in texture, like noodles in a Chinese dish!)

 (Here you see the variety of Elfin Saddle sizes with a Coral fungi centerpiece)

(Chopped and nearly ready to stir fry with some chard and mustard greens)



To eat like a king – often you have to scavenge the grounds like peasant. Royal flavor from the loyal mushrooms that never cease to amaze in their regularly providing opulence of edible resources.

Now check this out – a mushroom walks into a bar.

Bartender says, "We don't serve mushrooms."

Mushroom says, "But I'm a 'fun guy.'"

Bartender says, "I just said we don't serve fungi."

Mushroom says, "No, no, not 'fungi,' 'fun guy,'  i made a pun. . . "

Bartender says, "Get the fuck out of my bar."

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Holiday Events in Review

First Full-moon & Christmas Day combo since 1977 . . . the release of Star Wars!

Adding the final lines and details to the Christo-Claus mandala.

LEFT HAND: monkey-head fungi (hericium corraloides)    RIGHT HAND: 3 newts and a 4th Tacricha Tarosa wandering afoots

 Picking the Lion's Mane fungi about 20 feet up.

 The weekly assortment of antiques, garbage, and more fungi (chantrelle!)

Christmas Morning, starts with coffee and liqueur:

"i got STUFF!!!"


Cloverleaf Crew

 Bison Buddies 
And very merry Happy Brithday hike for HB on December 31st for his 31st. 



Off to San Fran for dinner and a New Years dance fest . . . 

2016 . . . in the wee hours of the aft-meridian.