Thursday, January 21, 2016

Walking, Drawing, and Building Bridges

This last 8 days have been a resplendent variety of indoors and outdoors. From walking the roads to check that the ditches drain properly during the heavy rains, to drawing indoors. A perfect balance.

Plus, it feels great to get the hand-saw out and fell some sapplings and builds 4 new bridges. 

 Tall, sprite, and straight lumber.

Setting them in place (and dropping my phone in the creek afterwards)

Here's a second smaller bridge for crossing the lower creek. I'm no Daniel Boone, but this thing works!

And there's always fungi hiding out, and crying out: "fry me in faaaaaaat!"

 Jumping contest between Gus and i.

An overgrown birdhous. . . 

Ciao for now folks,
May the Totoro be with you!

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