Tuesday, June 7, 2011

BBQ Blue Jay

So here I am, living on a 1.5 acre homestead. I have been for almost 3 years now, but never thought to wright about it until my sister made me so inclined.

For starters, you should know i've tried many things during this experimental trek into self-reliance and yummy homemade food products - many of them being unorthodox - and today I ate a Bluejay. It was actually the common Scrub Jay that is very loud and always happy to invest its time in your fruit trees munching down on whatever is in season. There are so so so many of them and I feel like they are similar to deer in the sense that there is a natural limitation for thier population and the Scrub Jay as a species has somehow far exceeding its carrying capacity in NOrthern California and especially my backyard....so i shot it with a pellet rifle and respectfully cut it into meaty peices of legs and breast then fried it in ghee. It was about 4 chopstick-full servings of rice in overall portions. Had some chew to it but was tasty and i plan to hunt thier kind further and prepare a proper dish of Scrub Jay grub one night for myself and any lucky woman who can appreciate a home cooked and foraged meal. Or a lady who just likes surprises.

Anywho, it was a good day overall. I have 7 hens that i have put into a new scratching area consiting of 2 terraces along the hillside. THe 3 White Broad Breasted turkeys have the old 2 upper terraces to themselves now. They don't use much of the space anyway and didn;t mind the hens, but the hens needed a new top soil to scratch clean and fresh new greens to glean as well. And boy where they happy! THey loved it. I will let them stay down there for a few months then cycle them back up to the other terraces. Fukuoka style!

Also, I inspected my 2 Bee colonies. Both are looking good for month old Nucs. A medium Langstroth and a Deep. After the inspection i added a second Super (box) to each hive then topped off thier sugar-water mix for the early Spring supplementation. Got to get the bees off to a strong start this Spring since its been crap weather and bees all around are in a crisis already. Be kind and bees be kind in return.

OK, more to come soon about the lovely QUinoa sprouts growing, my perennial garden, the greenhouse that got the goosebumps, and how aphids stole my girlfriend.


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