Friday, October 7, 2011

Time to Fall

Alright, here is a highly photographic update. I don't feel like typing many thousands of words so instead you are getting the pictures which are worth the same....right

So Tom, the big boy turkey was gracefully butchered and feathered. Then we saved the organs and secondary meats for a stew, and stuffed the turkey for a feast with the roomates and neighbors. We weighed the turkey before stuffing and he was a whopping 41 lbs.

THe female turkey is now mingling with the hens.

THe rabbits are healthy and happy. Growing bigger by the day.

THe outdoor Cob Oven foundation was begun:
It is an easy process of making a ring of bricks, filling it with mud (with sawdust) and old bottles saved from the summer camping trip. Up up up!

Keep going until you reach about waist height.

This is when you make a frame for the hearth and fill it with fine mud and sand then lay the hearth bricks (white ones) on top. Cool! That is where the pizza will sit and bake. Let it dry now.

Meanwhile, check out the final layer on the EarthBag Cob bench -

Pretty pretty, huh. And the cats are at home wherever they are...and wherever they go they sleep or play.

OK, now back to the Oven. I added an arch to support the tunnel and door entrance.

And to make sure we knew how to proceed from here there were 3 test ovens. One was a Half-loaf oven, two were Mini Muffin Ovens.

After some faults and failures a cooperative understanding was reached between humans and mud. So the sand form was packed up for the Big Mamma Cob oven and the first layer of thermal mass mud was layered on.

Chimney included! What a day of stomping mud to 80's music and packing it on, thanks friends!
Redeem your lost calories for a personal sized pizza at any of the following locations -

Cobtimous Prime Steak House and Pizzaria

...that's the only one. Sorry.

This oven is spectacular at night!

And since its inaugural burn ceremony, there have been many delicious pizza and pie events that followed -

Here it is with a final mortar layer for protection -
A homemade wholewheat crust with turkey egg, feta, jack cheese, with tomato and eggplant sauce.....makes my tummy say yummy -

And that wraps up this end of Summer update like a Chinese-Canadian wraps up their Calzone (i dare you to research that).

And on goes the mass of spinning earth as it falls into the colder and wetter season.

But some plants will never stop producing.

cheerio Chaps and Chicas,
Mr. Gaurdiner

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