Monday, September 30, 2013

BRAZIL? ehh. . .feels like Hawaii

Actually, it IS hawaii. 

Like Tom Cruise said in the film Collateral, sometimes we have to adapt and change with the circumstances presented. 
    My circumstances leave me with a new ticket to Brazil in January 2014 and the meantime presents me with the present combination of earthbaggin' and fruit harvesting.

Zack mows the law near the bee hives and i check the oil-tray traps:

Also, giving the goat his daily shots of penicilin:
watch BILLY the goat in action:

Zack has two hot pepper bushes that are almost 2 meters tall so i harvested a hat-full and made a hot chili water, a vinegar sauce, a mango chili sauce, and lastly a flippin' tasty Harissa Spread with roasted carrots, pine nuts and chilis:


(Durian pancakes???)

Z-Town is sighting in a great looking pellet rifle but in actuality - a horrible peice of crap:

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