Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Steadily Homestead (it begins again!)

Here begins a fresh family adventure in moving our lives back to the land!
It's a young project in which we want to have a large 1-acre garden with orchard - but for now i'm very excited to share my recent endeavors of settling down.

STEP # 1
(the spot)
Here you see a zone on my family's land for my new home. No, it wont be a Earthbag mud-hut DOME (that comes later!)
What i need is something temporary to live in . . . 

. . . . ahhhh, not quite. How about temporary, reliable, and cozy!?

Yessss. Now that's better. Meet GUS (General Under the Sun). Now let's get Gus on the road and to the land.

Lovely! Looking good - you as well, Gus!!!

(make a home out of a vehicle)

The priority here is removing the old and unwanted items then sealing the roof for the coming winter rains.

(DON'T BUY THIS - its crap.  Henry's Tar works better.)

(take a break to hunt some fun Fungi)

 (Cocoli & Witcher's Butter)

Coral Mushroom (we didn't eat the pink one, but yellow were delicious)

(lots of Cocoli/Coccora)

(clean & clear)

After a final interior cleaning and a ceremonial smudging with some San Pablo (thank you Daisy), Gus the big fucking bus is ready to become the greatest domicile since Walt took up non-education recreations. hah! Really though, it's gonna be a home to be proud of.

(saddle up and moovout~!)
A friend named Bubba once said, "you should never have more stuff than you can pack into a truck and leave with." I agree and i put it to practice.

Hello KaMuRa and a slow "goodbye" as this great little country acreage becomes a sentimental memory full of adventure and life lessons.

(my sweet dear "Cloud of Unknowing")

(a view from my drive across Hopland Grade)

Jolly jello,
groovy gravy
ciao for now.

It's time to relax and listen to the soft rain making love to a hard surface. 
. . . pitter patter . . .

More to come!

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