Friday, August 7, 2015


Here's the visual-guided update.

Further developments to follow in extrapolated free-hand form.

The Root Cellar is getting excitingly creepy looking and equally extreme in its revitalizing coolness during the 106-degree days last week.

I finished the Solar hookup to the Vista art studio after lots of mucking’ around:

The nights are delightful working inside with the low energy LED, low heat, and soundless golf cart battery powered system. All i hear is the crickets (not grass hoppers... and sometimes my whining deviated septum...).

A grasshopper got caught up in the ultimate web of life....

The roof was assembled not according to the instructions. but i’m certain i did them folks at the instructional Guide to doing things Right if your a Machine Minded Computer Headquarters ONE-UP by customizing the design to my Vista roof’s specific needs....

And my bird baths are empty on a daily basis. Full of water, but for nearly a month now - empty of the feathered aviary adventurers.

I’m not blaming it on the birds, but i do have symptoms of S.A.D. (seasonal aviation disorder) and i really miss the birds.

Without thier jovial calls and sudden swoops into the various water basons, i find the days are lacking luster. american robins were my favorite lunch time entertainment. i sit and eat (next to Jesus), and they take thier midday water breaks and often bathe. other small birds were fun too but not as presigious looking as the Robin.

That said, my new form of diversionary tactics of have shifted to microscopy. take a look here, down into the enticing cosmos of the microscopic. and here is what ive seen during my recent non-aviary amusemnts ....

 (a nymph tic: very small and purely a nuisance)

(a chia seed almost touches a grain of salt)

 (blood, and i think i saw bloodcells moving around before it dried up.)

                                          (macro night vision of night sky)

So in affect...... yeah, i’m blaming the birds.

But hey, last good news is i’m banging-out the details for the new TheoZoic website. I have a crew of 4 folks (illustrator, a animator, a web stylizer, and the main man working the overall web design) and the goal is to have it up and running for October! Music, Musings (my blog) and Möntoque Mandalas. The latter being the focus and reason for a new website.

That’s the scoop
That’s the poop.
Thats the snoop-dee-doop
from high up on this here Coop.

jolly jello,
Yours Truly,

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