Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Winter, yet? Winter, yes!

The calendar says Winter is near
a solstice awaits, mere weeks away
but i say “no way!” winter is here!
look at the dewy moss and the fungi hoo-ray!

(the majestically misty morning on my regular walk up to GUS was irregularly magical and mythical – like Lord of the Rings meets the Headless Horseman!)

(baby nasturtium that survived the dear's summer ravaging of EVERYTHING i tried growing)

(all the turkey-tails made a strong brew of immune-boosting tea – while i cooked up the wither's butter (orange jelly blog-thing) with my soup. It was tasty, and very much an Asian delight!)

And for a exquisite and strange look into the variety of fungi (the fruiting body of the mycelium) here is my personal look at the odd things growing here on the land here. (it's last years' mini-documentary)

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