Thursday, June 13, 2013

BOSNIA & the "Jersulasem of Europe"

From SFO to Munich to Vienna to Serajevo - the trip begins . . . in the night:

Its a dark looking riverfront but between the trees and beyond the street's lights was a bustling social zone of Serajevo - even at 11PM on a Thursday night. 

I walked both sides of the river banks to move my legs after 14 hours of flight time and found cafes open, restaraunts still serving food, bars and clubs booming muslim techno vocals, and lots of folks just sitting around on benches and smoking or walking along to whereabouts never known with fits of laughter. Really though, seems like everyone here is drunk with giddyness.

 I like this type of hubbub.

. . . Visoko and the biggest pyramid in the world tomorrow.

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  1. wow, YAY! so cool, I want laughter, music, cafe's, smoking and wandering off in the night to find pyramids!!!!