Friday, June 14, 2013

Day 1: Sarajevo & Visoko


This capital of Bosnia is superbly full of culture - meaning, its bubbling with foods, rich customs, endless sights, beautiful women, and inviting aromas of hooka, spring flowers and oven baked flat breads.

(*See the Chinese posers?)

Wandering the main strip of downtown there weren't many tourists, but there was LOTS of graffiti and remnants from the 4 year siege of Sarajevo.

And no matter how far you travel - there's always a little bit of quality Corporate America rub-off:

And sometimes you have to travel the world to find yourself. . .

 The Museum was a quick and easy visit as you can see:

Prices are reasonable in town. 90 cent beers and 4 bucks for a full plate of local cuisine.

 Its a great season to wander around Bosnia. Cool foggy mornings then warm afternoon. This weeping Mullberry tree was boomin' with fruit!

But to get the real exposure to Sarajevo, you must go to the old town. This is where many cultures have come together in fun ways. On the surface I'm reminds me of Japan in its house design and inside Turkey.

(*Neither Turkish nor Japanese)

People are very stylish here. Glamorous women and Metrosexual men. Also, it's good to see that even though this city is booming with modernity, that the street work is done with reliable-simple tools.

I wandered the streets until 1pm then caught the bus to Visoko, enjoying the countryside style:

 Arriving to Visoko, i was excited to see the giant Pyramid and the excavation work being done, so i dropped off my bags and began to wander towards the giant hillside. After only a couple hours of hiking & observation the various dig-spots on the pyramid then crossing the river to a excavated tunnel, and backtracking through and out of town to a second tunnel sight in the nearby hills -  I realized that this was the greatest, most magnificent, and utterly genius tourist hoax in the world!


I don't know how it was staged so well with publicity, or what strings were pulled with the government to make this seem legitimate, or how clever this Dr. Sam Osmanagich must be to stretch & falsify all the documents he published with "credited" archeologists and researches - but these Bosnian Pyramids stink like French cheese passed through a Parisian sewer system! 

Yes, there were doubtful reports about this being a false Pyramid, but once you see it in person and have shady old local men perched at entrance points asking for "ticket money" or others stinking like vodka and saying "no, no tunnel here" even though next to his kiosk is a 10 foot city map with directions pointing to the tunnels. Strange dynamic. Any the founder of the Pyramid organization Dr. Osmanagich is nowhere to be found. Some say "he's in America". I guess Bosnia got tired of him???

Oh well, now at least I have more time to explore Bosnia and its neighboring countries. More moments to enjoy what going on now rather than digging around in the past.

For now, its time for a late-night snack.


  1. Oh woaw you made it!! I am glad to hear that you made it safe and it already looks like a real adventure... Cant wait to see this pyramid :-)
    Take care and be safe G.

  2. Oh no! Holy Fuckballs indeed! I am sorry there appear to be swiss cheese holes in the fantastical pyramid stories! Well worth it for the adventure and the story, but not exactly the discovery you hoped to make. Oh well, more time in Amsterdam? Bummer! Need me to pop over and help you find the worlds largest old pyramid shaped blunt??

    1. Hah, yeah.
      Hey, LEft Hand of Darkness is gay. I had to do what you did and start skipping through the last 2/3 of it. I guess its the complete collection of DUNE audio book from here on out. Its 100hours total!!!

  3. Gulliver's Travels! Watch out for Lilliputians!

  4. Don't feel bad, Ophir want to England to see crop circles and drove all over in a rental car until he was told the crops had all been harvested months ago and there was no point looking for them in the winter!! You two should go on a trip together. I will come too if there will be mermaids.