Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Amsterdam: Where Venice Meets Sunny San Fran!

Here in Amsterdam I met up with my Maui friend Nicole and had plenty of sunny fun at park hangouts, made lots of home meals, watched her and friends kite surfing, and of course - cheese & beer samplings.

But first things first - the beard is gone. Caput and pa-cut it all off, despite my own protest. Nicole said i look very different without it, but as i predicted i'll always be the worst dressed yet best looking guy (with or without a beard) in Amsterdam:

 (Before and after. . . point proven, right?!)

Later, I took the bike around outer and inner Amsterdammit for some self-guided tour time:

The streets are so hard to cross here since you have to look 6 times as you haphazardly move over the bicycle & scooter lane, then the car lanes, then the metro, once your standing in the middle then repeat that to get across the last half of the road. This will soon be developed into a "Why did the tourist cross the road" joke. Something like, "to get some hits and fly high and consequently hospitalized at the Green Districts clinic".

 Random fact from Amsterdam who's Dutch colonies and influence spread far and wide - Piggy Banks are from the Pacific Islands. Similar to Chinese belief, pigs represent fat, rich delicious food and wealth so it makes sense to fill a clay pig with money - for symbolic reasons.

(the world's oldest grenade. . . made in India, really)

The parks were fun. Kid were doing "whippits" nitro shit and the cops came up to them to say "turn your music down" HOWEVER, the cops will put you in jail for walking dog at park with no leash and carrying no ID.  

 I met Nicole's family at her Dad's birthday gathering out in the quite countryside of Breda. . . 

(eerie large morbid moratorium machine making building of the master marketeers)

Now a quick visual guide to a fantastic restaraunt called Azur Bleu -

And the last bits of Amsterdam before i caught a flight to Denmark:

 (they're EVERYWHERE . . . forever!!!)

(sometimes you just know when it's your time to take-off - i found this under my foot)

Congratulations if you've read to the end - now you get the pleasure of finding out that ALL THE CHINESE MEN in todays blog were not actually there. They are not real at all. Just contemporary art by Yue Kinjun. 

However, its relevant because i started a new blog about China's history - http://thingschinainvented.blogspot.dk/


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