Wednesday, July 17, 2013

PARIS - freedom fries and paté pies!

My first day in Paris I struggled to organize myself in the metro. Eventually I got from Section 3 to Section 1 and went to the Quai Branly Museum.

A real shrunk head -

After, i Metro'd over to a canal and visited this giant monument of clever design - 

No not the tourist lond-boat. . . this!

*bike locks dominate this nearby bridge*

The only two guys with beards i saw in Paris -

Then a couple dozen bombers, jets, and large transport planes did a practice flyby of the Triumph Arc. In a few days it would be the Victory Day (Bastille Day) celebration in Paris.
Lastly, the sunset happens at 9:50 and twilight lasts till 11pm?!?!?! France is great

DAY 2!

Palace of Versailles


I chose wiser and ate better than the senseless consumer of the Homer Menu -
*pate, veggies, wine, and creme-fresh dessert atop my windowsill*

And now for something old and amazing - the entrance pieces to a lost Babylonian Palace:


*Sumerian mother nursing. . . alien child?*

(Master Crafters)

*the Owl watches over the Greek pottery*


*All in one case: the only representations of a Black man, woman, and 2 donkeys (not a politically correct arrangement of pottery*)

(these plates are so detailed I'd like to jump in and live there!)

*the famous CODE of HAMMURABI*


 *Then off to Brussels (Belgium)*

I visited the Museum of Comics (Brussels is the home of Tin Tin and . . . good food!)

Especially Brussels's Mussels!

 A rare and truly Belgian sport was played here at the Grand Place

So, we know that ping pong came from tennis. US Football (no feet involved) came from European Futból (lots of feet, but not so much of a hand-job here). And that originally soccer was a training tool for military soldiers in China (the equivalent is happening right now in Florences' piazzas aka "Calcio Storico" = Historic football . . . sort of like Shrovetide in England with punching and kicking allowed and no rules) . . . and Australian Aboriginals played soccer just for fun too.

Well i witness the origins of tennis here in Brussels - and after 2 hours of watching i still didn't believe it true.
Balle Pelote! It was fun. Lots of yelling. . . but from the players at the ref, not the crowd . . . 

With 6 times more players on each side than singles tennis and played on a uneven cobblestone plaza; it gets intense. Similar to baseball and hand-ball from Miama (Jai Alai) combined. In this open court they hit homerun balls into the audience a lot. But i lost interest after the ambulance arrived and all the players gathered around a tourist who need medical attention. Put a damper on my afternoon. All fun and games till someone gets hurt, then its just games.

Goodbye Brussels - i salute your Tin Tin shorts and tacky graffiti

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