Monday, June 16, 2014

Öland (the island of quiet peace)

This little slice-of-the-historic-past island has a fascinating history. From a huge natural limestone deposit across its southern region, to megalithic runestones, to Danish conquest, and most recently - nothing.

The "nothing" part of recent history is why i like it here. Its quiet, and not made for tourism. Just poppy fields, oat fields, and lots of blue coastlines of the Baltic Sea with greenery to match it.

There are a few villages built within fortified limestone walls on Öland. 

It's like the great defenders of the White Walkers from Game of Thrones . . . try to go about your life, yet completely surrounded by giant walls and knowing the "others" (Danish) might attack any moment)

This tower and ruins was next to the little hostel i stay at.

 Staring contest between the Horse & A Hard Place. . .

 The two megaliths that seemed like a gateway into this 2kilometer stretch of Nordic burial grounds.

Based on the layout - it seems like the megaliths were here long long ago (12,000 years, since looking farther in history ANYWHERE in the world reveals more advanced stone working skills), then second came the Sun-Ship on the left to mark solstices, equinoxes, and maybe more, then lastly came the burial grounds.

Now to prove how quaint this island is - look at the houses and the entryways . . .

A 10:15pm sunset.

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