Monday, June 30, 2014

While in Oslo - go slow. . .

Hand woven willow tree-cuttings made into what else other than Mario's favorite psychadelic - psilocybin cubensis! (This was for the Oslo Botanic park's 200th year anniversary!)

A wonderful feature at the Botanic park was the on-site displays of Edvard Munch's artwork from the exact stand-point where he created certain paintings. He visited the park from childhood and started by sketching the landscapes and structures here.

 ***My favorite painting was not created during Munch's visits to the park: Old man and Little Boy (1920)

Even Oslo's municipal courthouse was well decorated with art - chilling and creepy however.

The rest of the city was similar with lovely placement of hard metal sculpture erections of characters like the goat-god Pan in central squares or parks. . . eh, suggestively erect.


Metal Buddha's with Swazis:
The cultural museum had a booth made for smokers on the 3rd floor:

 *Clearly seen in the top section of this old 7 foot tall rune carvings is an alien "grey" from X-Files. Or its a Martian with a helmet riding the stars under his feet.

 Thor Heyerdahl's own Kon Tiki museum was splendin, but something to see firsthand. So, no pictures.

MILITARY clothing available at the local Pentagon fashion store:

 *Observations in archetecture*
 That's it folks. Goodbye Oslo.
Farewell Norway.
Adios Scandinavia
And Ciao for now. 

I will return.

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